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Atelier TARABUSI is an architectural firm founded in Paris in 2006 by Paolo Tarabusi.

We work in a team of international architects and have extensive experience in architectural design with particular attention to environmental and constructive issues.

With a constant will to work in active partnership with building contractors, manufacturers and companys, Paolo Tarabusi delivers a restrained, serious and strong architectural style, sparing in its use of means and material. Our sensibility for building techniques customized to fit each particular project ensures enduring works that stand the test of time.

We regularly participate in national and international competitions and carrie out programs in various themes like housing, offices, public buildings, infrastructure and landscape. As a result, many of his projects have received awards and invited in international exhibitions.



Paolo TARABUSI, who graduated from the University of Genoa (Italy) in 1992, is teaching project at the ENSA-PVS (French national school of architecture of Paris Val-de-Seine) and structure analysis at the ENSA-PB (Ecole nationale d'architecture de Paris-Belleville) since 2005.

Since 2003 he is the founding partner of the European Cultural Association AMS - Architecture Modernity Science based in Genoa, Paris and Geneva.

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